DocTouch - Mobile Performance Supports

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    The Workplace Learning Unit of The Skills Institute focuses on workplace assessment and coaching. Often as part of this work they develop safety and quality documentation and performance supports such as standard operating procedures and forms. But they found that these paper systems were not well used, and updating them and keeping track was virtually impossible. An online system might have solved the problem but most of their learners work outdoors and have low IT skills. The Learning Unit came to Sprout Labs with the idea of building a tablet-based mobile checklist and performance system.

  • Approach

    Sprout Labs worked with the team to develop an easy-to-use interface for their performance supports. Sprout Labs then built the customised system using the Silverstripe Framework and trained the teachers in how to update the content.

    The system is an HTML5-based web application that works across Android and iOS platforms and desktop browsers (when the user views the system on a desktop computer they see the appropriate desktop interface). Sprout Labs hosts the service in the Intellicentre 1 data centre in Sydney. Features include interactive form building and the automatic conversion of Word documents and PDF files to HTML content. The first trials of the system were with three businesses from the electrical contracting industry.

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    The Workplace Learning Unit now has a flexible system for developing workplace performance supports that they can use with multiple clients and is based on their approach to workplace documentation. The feedback from the trials included:

    • Employees found the system was faster than paper-based forms.
    • Employees completed the risk assessment on the job instead of back at the office at the end of day.
    • The checklist prompted the employees to consider risks and controls that they normally wouldn’t think about.

    For the enterprises involved it meant they could track in real time how their employees were managing safety in the workplace. The checklist gave them confidence that their employees were working in a consistent way.