Raising the awareness of health literacy in Tasmania

Client: Department of Health and Humans Services, Tasmania    


63% of Tasmanians do not have adequate health literacy to meet the demands of modern life. The Population Health area of the Department of Health and Humans Services is responsible for increasing the capacity of internal staff (12,000 staff members) and other Tasmania heath care workers in the delivery of services that increase health literacy. These learners are not able to access the department’s Learning Management System. The Population Health area has been working with Medicare Local Tasmania and Sprout Labs to address these internal and external resources.


Sprout Labs developed a resource using Glasshouse that is based around a series of scenarios.  

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    One of the important learning points for the resource is that health literacy problems happen outside of what is normally thought of as the health care system.

    The resource is about the fictional town of Wattle Hill. The main navigation element is an isometric map of the town that the learner explores.  

  • The first page of the resource provides an introduction to Wattle Hill and what health literacy is.  

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    When the learner entry place they are given an overview of an aspect of health literacy by a fictional guide. They then move on solve a challenge.

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    The learner then reads about a health literacy issue that a community member is having and they are then asked to solve this problem by choosing from a list of possible actions.

    Each of the actions has a ‘score’, which may be positive or negative and is totalled cumulatively, giving the learner a “health literacy factor” rating.

    At the end of each activity the learner can choose to add an action to their learning plan.


The usage of the resource is being tracked using Google Analytics and xAPI.

The resource can be seen at DHHS Health Literacy

DHHS now has an engaging and effective resource to increase their staff’s capacity in the area of health literacy.