Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training Program for the Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services’ population health area provides training on Aboriginal culture to over 11,000 staff. The team that provides the training is small and unable to provide face to face training for all staff. However they did not want to replace the face to face training altogether with an online program.



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    Our solution

    Sprout Labs worked with the team to co-design and run workshops with internal stakeholders and community members. The solution is a self-paced online course that markets the face to face programs. The face to face programs can then focus on discussion and be a time for exploring more complex issues. This is a classic flipped classroom model.

    The learner is guided through the learning experience by an Aboriginal Health Policy Officer.



    The module includes interviews with community members that focus on:

    • telling their stories, and their families stories, about their experience with the healthcare system
    • advice about working with community members.
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    A key component of the resources is a timeline of Tasmanian Aboriginal History.





    Throughout the resource are a number of interactive learning activities that challenge the learner to think in new ways.

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At the end of the project Sprout Labs trained Department of Health and Human Services staff in how to update and maintain the resource. The population area now have a scalable, effective and engaging learning experience for training their staff.