TMT topics - an online resource portal to support GPs in training

Tropical Medical Training (TMT) is a General Practice training organisation based in Townsville with learners all over Northern Queensland. At the start of this project they were licensing a learning module for the learners (GP Registrars) to be used during the first year of their training. The program was both costly and it did not align well with their teaching model. After consultation between TMT and some GP registrars they found the registrars valued modules that contained links to websites, guidelines and other resources. GP training is a workplace learning model. One of the keys to supporting workplace learning is having access to reliable resources and reference material.

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    Our solution

    Our Learning Content Management System Glasshouse was customised to relate resources such as web links, pdfs and presentations to topics. The topics are organised into curriculum items and common presentations in General Practice.

  • Sprout Labs built an easy to use, icon based interface that divided the resources into three sections:

    • Essential topics are the important topics for a GP Registrar to cover as they are commencing their initial placement (six months duration).
    • Intermediate topics are resources that are more likely to be accessed after the initial stage of training.
    • Subsequent topics are for GP Registrars in their final years of training.


    Medical educators are able to edit existing and create new resources for the portal. TMT have reduced their licensing costs and invested the savings into Medical Educators being able to update and maintain the portal. The portal supports TMT’s teaching and learning programs and the health issues that are common in that region. The GP Registrars have an up to date centralised source of learning resources.

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