Learning Design Toolkit

The Learning Design Toolkit helps you design learning experiences

This toolkit came out of discussions with teaching teams, looking at and using the Designing Elearning website and searching for tools to use in our work.

The visual nature of the learning design maps in the Designing Elearning website seems to strike a chord with most people (http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/designing, which sadly is currently unavailable). As the resource became unavailable we devloped our own toolkit for workshopping delivery models with teaching staff. You can use this toolkit for designing learning in a range of contexts – online, workplace and on campus.

The Learning Design Toolkit is a set of 66 ‘idea cards’. These have been developed with photos mainly sourced through Flickr. Also in the kit are some context labels. These can be used on the left hand side of the map to identify the location or context of the learning. 

How we workshop with the toolkit:

  • Using a large whiteboard, icons can be used to build a physical representation of the model. 
  • Identify the course/program timescale – depending on the situation, this may be in days, weeks or months. 
  • The idea cards could be scattered between the participants to act as a prompt for various activities, means of support or resources to be made available. 
  • One advantage of using a whiteboard is that links can be drawn between items, extra information added in and infinite changes can be made through the model development process.
  • Take photos to document the final version.

Download the toolkit