Cultivating learning - How to design learning campaigns

How design a learning campaign


Real behaviour change is hard to achieve. Every year, organisations waste money on learning that doesn’t get transferred into real behaviour change. Learning campaigns are an approach to skill development that takes marketing strategies and applies them to the learning program. Digital technologies have transformed marketing, and it’s no longer sensible for L&D to take an approach to learning campaigns based on traditional marketing tactics.

This interactive webinar will introduce you to ideas and methods from digital marketing to increase the impact of your learning program.

Topics to be covered:

  • How to design a learning campaign to help active learning
  • A new design framework for learning campaigns
  • How digital technologies have changed marketing and what can L&D learn – this includes personalisation and automation
  • How to use spaced and subscription based learning approaches to increase learning transfer

Everyone who signs up will get a free tool for planning learning campaigns.

The format of our webinars is a mixture of presentation and interaction. Expect to spend the session brainstorming and learning from your peers.  

This webinar has now passed.