LearnX - Agility – The Secret to Greater People Experiences with Dan Mottau

This podcast about agility for the internal people experience is a discussion between Robin and Dan Mottau from Zendesk at LearnX 2019.

Focusing learning with User Interface design

Good User Interface (UI) design can aid the level of interaction with a page making the user experience smoother and more focused. This post explores strategies for focusing your UI design for optimum learner engagement.

LearnX - Data, Analytics and Storytelling with Matthew Stephenson

This podcast is an interview with Matthew Stephenson Design manager from BUPA Health Insurance. The project Matthew talks about is a series of major reforms to a key process.

LearnX - Aggressive Customer Virtual Reality (VR) with Jake Phillips, Matt Proud and James Crosby

This is the next in a series of podcasts from LearnX. The interview is with Jake Phillips, Senior Manager, People Capability, ANZ Bank NZ and Matt Proud and James Crosby from Immersive Solutions. The interview focus is a project where ANZ New Zealand has been using virtual reality to simulate interactions with an aggressive customer.

3 Takeaways from LearnX '19

The future of work and learning were the key buzzwords of the day(s) at LearnX last week, along with themes like digital disruption, flexible working and organisational agility.

Increasing the impact of your learning videos with Danielle Wallace

In this podcast Robin is talking with Danielle Wallace from Beyond the Sky about approaches that marketing uses to design engaging video experiences and how these approaches can be used to increase the impact of your learning video.

Talent Stacks with Yishan Chan

In this podcast Robin talks with Yishan Chan about the idea of personal talent stacks and how to develop your own talent stack. Some of the topics we talk about include learning from peers, podcasting and side projects as learning experiences.

The power of learning dashboards and how to design an effective learning dashboard

Why are learning dashboards important. What are the questions you need to ask when designing dashboards and what are some of your technical options for designing dashboards?

Increasing engagement in learning with Bianca Baumann

In this interview, Bianca Baumann talks about how marketers design engaging experiences and what L&D can learn from these strategies.

Fostering self guided learners with Catherine Lombardozzi

As workplaces and work are changing rapidly, people need to be more in control of their own learning and learn while working. Self-directed learning is a key skill for the future of work. In this podcast Robin talks with Catherine Lombardozzi about fostering self-directed learners in your organisation.