NBN and eLearning

 This post is going to focus on learning at work and the effects the National Broadband Network (NBN) might have on that. It's based on a short talk I gave at LearnX 2011.

OpenLab for upcoming ElNet webinars

ElNet has three interesting webinars coming up. ElNet is the E-learning Network of Australasia. It's an independent community of e-learning professionals working in the e-learning industry. One presenter is Cathy Moore - I love her approach to Instructional Design and sometimes use her eLearning Blueprints with clients.

Interview with Jeevan Joshi about the use of Moodle in corporate environments

About Jeevan

Jeevan Joshi is the Principal Consultant at KnowledgeWorking, a company that specialises in technology enabled workforces and business productivity solutions.

What eLearning developers could learn from Independent Game Developers - Freeplay 2010

A couple of weekends ago, I was at  Freeplay which is Australia's independent games festival. This blog post is not meant as a review or summary of Freeplay.

A couple of the things I've been thinking about recently

When I was planning Sprout Labs, the two technologies that I thought were going to be key to what I was planning were:

mobile technology
Games have become an important part of what I've been doing, but I also have had much to do with mobile technology.

Six things we have learnt about developing branching interactions.

This is the last in a series of posts that came from the talk I gave at the Serious Games BarCamp at AFTRS in Sydney.

One of our touch screen projects running on ipad

Just had a bit of a play with an iPad and one of the touch screen projects we have been working on. Tablets have many great possibilities in training.

How we have been going about developing branching interactions for STEM

I've been holding back on developing an authoring tool for STEM, mainly because I want to develop more experience in planning, writing and developing these interactions. The first couple I developed focus on using sticky notes on a whiteboard. This had some positives and negatives.