Totara - Engage

Engage, unite and upskill your workforce to deliver high performance.

Investing in employee engagement will increase productivity, work quality, and help retain your top talent. Employees who are engaged and work collaboratively deliver higher quality work and are more productive.

Totara Engage is the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to engage, unite and upskill your workforce, leading to higher organizational performance.


Key features of Totara Engage


Collaboration workspaces

Accelerate skill acquisition, deliver digestible knowledge in the flow of work and bring teams together.

Interactive and social activities

Ratings, comments and curation complement formal learning programs and processes to nurture a connected learning culture.

Microsoft teams integration

Enables your employees to solve complex problems from a central digital space without the complexities of switching between tools.


Quickly generate insights by collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback from your teams.

User and content engagement reports

Recognize rising talent, subject matter experts and thought leaders as well as less-engaged individuals.

Curated content playlists

Break down silos, spread know-how to where it’s needed and encourage collaborative learning.

Accessible personalized playlists

Quickly source, create or curate expert knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and videos into playlists to personalize learning.

Flexible access and sharing settings

Control access and privacy rights to the content within your team’s workspaces and playlists. Authorized by specific people or defined job roles.



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