Totara - Perform

Totara Peform

Adaptable performance management to boost workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere

Today’s best performance management systems give an organization the ability to set its own course and tailor practices to suit its work culture and context.

With adaptability and productivity at its core, Totara Perform is a performance management system that frees you from rigid processes and empowers your organization to encompass the full spectrum of performance management practices - from the single annual appraisal to regular performance check-ins and reviews - to meet your specific needs.



Key features of Totara Perform


Performance review workflow builder

A powerful performance review workflow builder enables you to craft performance management processes that match your unique workflows.

Frequent and flexible performance check-ins

Ensure your staff and management are aligned to boost organizational output.

Continuous performance management tools

Enhance existing, or introduce new appraisal processes with frequent check-ins, feedback and other activities that make it easier for managers and staff to reach organizational goals.

Traditional and modern performance management

Totara perform enables traditional and modern performance management, so you can adapt to your organization’s specific workflows, processes
And schedules.

Intuitive detailed reports

The performance insights you need, when you need them. Quickly identify top-performers or circle those who need extra support to have meaningful management conversations.

360-degree feedback

Accurately gauge strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-evaluation with input from peers.

Track skills and development

Identify and close skill gaps across the entire workforce. Then prescribe actions and content that align the goals of your people and organization.

Open-source and flexible frameworks

Unlike proprietary software vendors, you get the freedom to adapt and innovate around the specific needs of your organization.

Totara Ecosystem

True learning occurs in ecosystems of multiple interconnected elements, all interacting to produce a high impact learning experience. The right technology is at the foundation of learning ecosystems.

Learning as an ecosystem underpins everything we do at Sprout Labs. As our core philosophy, this causes us to approach learning with a broad and holistic perspective, where everything affecting the learning experience is incorporated and nothing is neglected.

Our learning ecosystems position us perfectly to address the learning needs of your organisation.

We’re a team of learning experts who punch well above our weight. Agile and collaborative, our broad capabilities in both learning and technical support mean we provide a cohesive solution that caters for not only your learning design and experiences, but the full scope of your technological needs.

You’ll enjoy the extraordinary freedom of having support that provides both learning advisory and technology support at the highest level.

We offer multiple layers of support:

Learning advisory

We go beyond just providing technology expertise to advising you on how to achieve your learning and performance outcomes with the Totara platforms.

This advice is more strategic and learning-focused than what you would receive from most learning technology companies.

Totara Layers

Technology support

This is everything you would expect from support – assistance and advice on how to use our platforms.

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Some of our Totara clients:

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Totara Support

Support and training

We provide all coaching, support and help desk services for your administration, content authors and learners. We are only a moment away from helping you. As a Totara client you have access to the Totara Academy for online training, plus we also provide customised training for all of our clients.

Totara Consulting

Consulting and optimisation projects

We provide strategic advice on how to maximise the benefits from Totara Learn for your organisation. We have developed a framework that we use to optimise how Totara is used.

You don’t have to be a Sprout Labs Totara client to undertake an optimisation project. We have worked with some of the largest Totara users in Australia and globally to review how they use Totara Learn and provide advice on how they can increase the impact of using Totara.

Totara Learner Experience Design

Learner experience design

Let’s make it as easy as possible for your learners to get the learning that they need. We’ll design simple, engaging journeys around your learning platform. The design of your learning platform will reflect your brand.

Totara Integration

Integration with other platforms

Learning platforms don’t exist in isolation, they need to be integrated with other platforms such as your HR systems. Sprout Labs has our custom integration system that allows us to quickly build integrations. Also, we set up single sign-on capabilities for clients, so it’s fast and easy for your learner to access Totara Learn.

Totara Development

Custom development

Totara is an open system. You don’t have to bend what you do to fit Totara. We help customise it to make your own learning platform.

Totara Hosting

Managed hosting

We provide a fully managed hosting service based on Amazon Web Services’ data centre in Sydney, Australia. We ensure your site is available 24/7. We take the worry out of hosting, allowing you to focus on what’s most important for your users.