eLearning events

Free webinar - Platforms to support learning ecosystems - 8th January

In this webinar we will demonstrate how Sprout Labs learning platforms are used to build and support learning ecosystems.

Free webinar - xAPI 101

A free webinar to demystify what xAPI is and how it can be used.

Free webinar - A Field Guide to Learning Ecosystems

A free webinar on how to design learning ecosystems that boost your learning culture.

Free virtual conference - Learning While Working - September 25th

Get insights from some of the world's top L&D experts, without leaving your office.The Learning While Working virtual conference is a full day of virtual events, bringing together experts from around the world to share actionable advice on learning design, learning analytics, digital learning, continuous learning cultures and much more.

The eLearning Superhuman program

A common question that people who are new to eLearning ask is, ‘What skills do I need to make great eLearning?’ Designing high-impact eLearning is a ‘Renaissance skill’. it takes a complex mixture of instructional design, visual communication design and media design.

Visual design for learning program

Instructional designers often struggle with visual design. It’s an area where instructional designers often lack training. Most instructional designers know visual design is important but don’t have the visual thinking expertise, nor the techniques and skills with professional software to produce engaging, effective learning.

Online brainstorming session on how to improve your digital learning

We will be hosting an online brainstorming session exploring how to improve your digital learning. During this meeting we will brainstorm and use other creative thinking techniques on ways to improve your digital learning.  Bring along a problem and the group will explore options to solve it.

eLearnz VIRTUAL WEB SUMMIT - Learning Tech at Work

eLearnz 2019 is a virtual Web Summit that brings together the world’s top learning tech speakers.

Free webinar - Learn how AI is transforming learning

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading to transformation in our workplaces. Professor Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is calling this change The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Webinar - Developing a content curation strategy for learning

A webinar on how to develop and improve your content curation strategy for learning.