Building long-lasting skills: How spaced learning and Glasshouse can help

Building long lasting skills graphic main

Explore the benefits of spaced learning and how Glasshouse, Sprout Labs learning experience platform, can help you implement this approach in your organisation. 

In just 30 minutes, you will discover how to combat the forgetting curve and increase knowledge retention by presenting information and reinforcing it over spaced intervals of time.

  • Dive into the learning science behind spaced learning, including the spacing effect and the testing effect.
  • Explore how these principles can be utilised to enhance memory,  build long-lasting skills and create behavioural change
  • Also, learn how to use Glasshouse to create fully-integrated learning programs that deliver micro-learning over time, including quizzes and videos.

Whether you're a seasoned learning and development professional or just starting out, this webinar is a great opportunity to explore new approaches and stay ahead of the curve in our  rapidly changing work environment.

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