Using AI for role plays with Andrea Laus

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Andrea Laus explores the importance of role plays for developing crucial human skills, the potential pitfalls in traditional role play designs, and the transformative impact of a digital approach to role plays guided by technology. Andrea als unpacks how AI can enhance role plays, improve the feedback process, and ultimately revolutionise the L&D landscape.

Computational thinking in the age of AI with Susan Stocker

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Susan Stocker uncovers the world of computational thinking and its relevance in the age of artificial intelligence. With the skills gap becoming a concern in the era of AI and data-driven decision making, Susan's research on computational thinking in the workplace is timely and informative. Listen, as we explore what computational thinking is, the importance of critical thinking, and how these skills can shape our approach to problem-solving in the age of AI.

ChatGPT for learning designers with Eliza Cani

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Eliza Cani, a learning designer at LearnWorlds, explores the topic of using ChatGPT for learning designers. Eliza shares valuable insights on how AI can be integrated into course design, the importance of prompting skills, and the future trends that can revolutionise the field.

AI-powered workshop design insights with Pedram Parasmand

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Pedram Parasmand shares his insights on using AI tools for workshop designs and emphasises the importance of not relying on AI to do the creative work for you, but rather using it as a thought partner and brainstorming tool.

He shares his experience with Chat GPT and Copy AI, highlighting how he trains these AI generative tools on his own methodology to support workshop design. He also explores the potential of using AI-powered transcription tools like Otter AI for analysis and evaluation.

What is wrong with digital learning with Marco de Rossi

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Marco de Rossi discusses the current issues with digital learning in workplaces, such as the misalignment between how we naturally learn as lifelong learners and how organisations push out content-driven learning. Tune in as we delve into social learning, synchronous vs. asynchronous activities, and how Generative AI is proving to be a valuable tool for L&D experts.

Embracing AI for learning design with Rustica Lamb

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast Rustica Lamb and Robin explore how to leverage AI as a powerful tool to enhance your productivity and creativity, learn how to effectively prompt, and stay conscious of the ethical implications of AI in the learning and working sphere.

She has recently run the Elab AI program, which aimed to introduce a series of AI tools to learning professionals. It tested and evaluated various AI tools and discovered their potential to save significant amounts of time for learning designers.

Making sense of AI – Implementing AI in L&D with Markus Bernhardt

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Markus Bernhardt explores AI discussions with learning technology vendors, and the important topics of understanding the different types of AI being deployed and the value they add. We also touch on the critical role of training data and its reliability in AI solutions, and the rush toward generative AI and its impact on long-term strategic thinking.

Use AI to increase the efficiency of instructional designers with Cara North

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, we explore how AI technologies can be used to increase the efficiency of instructional designers. We tackle the challenges and ethical concerns of using AI-generated tools, focusing on their limitations and potential misinterpretations. Get insights into the importance of maintaining the human element in instructional design, especially in areas like assessment design.

Navigating future skills with Britt Andreatta

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Britt Andreatta is back to discuss the impact of AI on organisations and the skills needed to navigate this shifting landscape. As an expert on brain-driven approaches to learning and a leading voice in the field, she shares some truly valuable insights. Tune in to learn more about the need for a clear strategy in L&D, developing strong change management skills and why we need to hone in scientific literacy and verification skills.

The role of Chat GPT in modern learning design with Megan Torrance

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Megan Torrance joins the show to share what she is learning about using Chat GPT. We focus on using Chat GPT to enhance the learning experience itself, and just using AI to generate content.