Balancing innovation and practicality: AI in workplace learning with Brant Gibbons

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Episode summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Brant Gibbons, President of Knowledge Anywhere, shares his expert insights on the current generation of AI tools, the balance between innovation and practicality, and the critical considerations for L&D professionals when integrating AI into their workflows. We explore the exciting potential of AI, the inherent risks, and the ongoing tension between cutting-edge technology and maintaining quality human interactions in learning experiences.

About Brant Gibbons

As the President of Knowledge Anywhere, Brant Gibbons leads a team of passionate and innovative professionals who deliver technology-based learning solutions to help their clients achieve their goals. With over 20 years of experience in the learning industry, Brant has a proven track record of driving growth, building strategic partnerships, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Founded in 1998, Knowledge Anywhere, Inc. is an award-winning company that has emerged as a leader in knowledge transfer through eLearning technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Think Big, Start Small: Embrace AI as the future but proceed with caution. Analyse its impact on your workflow and ensure it drives both performance and cost-efficiency without compromising user experience.
  • Stay Data-Driven: Don’t lose focus on analytical approaches. While generative AI can be helpful, foundational data analytics are crucial for making informed, impactful decisions.
  • Balance Innovation with Quality: AI can make content creation faster and easier, but it’s critical to maintain the human element in learning experiences to avoid alienating your audience.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:55 Compliance-driven training lacks meaningful business impact
  • 08:16 Using technology to supplement traditional instructional design
  • 13:17 Future of learning: ongoing, personalised, interactive knowledge-seeking
  • 14:34 Custom chatbots and generative learning

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