Increasing engagement with your content library

Increasing engagement with your content library main v2


A content library is an effective way to:

  • Increase the access employees have to learning
  • Increase flexibility for employees
  • Save costs on face-to-face courses
  • Save costs on developing learning content

Generally, approximately 30% of employees actively engage with content libraries  and L&D teams often question the investment.

In this interactive workshop you plan how to increase the engagement with your content library. Even if you don't have a content library you learn new ways to increase engagement with your learning resources. 

The session is based around a plan document/workbook and will include breakout sessions working with your peers.   

In just 90 minutes plan: 

  • How you are going to measure and report on the engagement with your content library 
  • How to use new marketing techniques to get more employees using your content library 
  • New ideas and ways to integrate your content library with learning programs   
  • The session will not be recorded but we may make a self-paced version of this in the future.