A guide to disrupting L&D - lessons from tech companies

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Small and large tech companies are disrupting traditional industries. We often think that these disruptions are just about the innovative application of new technologies. However, the real disruptions are often about working in new ways that are underpinned by strong organisational learning cultures and personal learning cultures. 

In the Learning While Working podcast, Sprout Lab’s founder Robin Petterd has been exploring learning and work cultures in tech companies and discussing reskilling, talent pipeline, learning engines and how to foster a learning culture.

During this webinar, Robin will bring together what he has learnt during these conversations and explore how these principles and practices can be applied in any organisation. 

In less than 60 minutes, you will learn:

  • The importance of durable skills, compared to short-term technical skills.
  • Why recruiting for new skills often doesn't work and the new develop existing employees and foster new talent.
  • The importance of a content curator when practices rapidly change.
  • Agile project management as a learning cycle.
  • The role of 1:1s for keeping, aligning and developing employees.

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