Accelerating your learning ecosystems with Totara Talent Experience Platform

accelerate learning ecosystem main

Learning ecosystems are a powerful mindset for transforming learning, but our learning technologies hold back what can be achieved. Functionality such as learning and performance management are not integrated. Often, learning teams add a Learning Experience Platform to do what their LMS doesn’t do. However, this just adds another platform that employees don’t use. What is needed is a flexible, open integrated combination of platforms.

In just 40-minutes, you’ll get an insider’s view into:

  • What a learning ecosystem is and the tools you need to build a learning ecosystem
  • The power of an integrated talent experience platform instead of separate platforms
  • How performance management and development is the key to your learning culture
  • How to enable and support collaboration and learner-generated content

The session will be packed full of tactics and ideas on how digital learning can be used to accelerate your learning ecosystem.

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