Using digital storytelling to boost understanding and action in cultural awareness training with Nicole White and Rebecca Carter

This podcast is the start of a series that was recorded at iDesignX 2019. They are shorter than most of the other Learning While Working podcasts. There is a bit of background noise from the conference venue. The focus of this series is on learning design. There are lots of great conversations coming up, with people you might not have heard about before.

In this podcast, I’m talking to Nicole White from the ID Crowd and Rebecca Carter from CSIRO about a project in which they are using voice based digital storytelling to increase understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Culture Awareness at CSIRO.

The learning experience they are talking about is not a linear eLeaning, it’s an explorative interface. This podcast is a great summary of their journey to build a really innovative project.

Towards the end of the podcast, Nicole talks about one of the most powerful questions they ask to trigger different approaches to eLearning ‘What would this project be like if it wasn't was eLearning’.

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