Learning Cafe Unconference - Getting Ready for Rich Media Learning

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Finally completed the outline for the session I will be running at Learning Cafe Unconference on the 15th of February in Sydney. 

Session Overview

Bandwidth is like the fuel for IT. It makes technology run faster and less expensively. Australia is currently lagging behind in its access to broadband"”in 2010, only 23.4% of households had broadband connections.

The establishment of the National Broadband Network will mean that 93% of Australian homes, schools and businesses will have broadband speeds approaching 100 Mbps. The remaining 7% will have access to high-speed wireless and satellite technologies.

If you don't already know it, YouTube is the second largest online search engine (after Google), and most of our network traffic now consists of video bandwidth. As our Internet connections become faster, we use this bandwidth for video watching.

Rich media has a huge potential for learning. In this session, we will explore the barriers and opportunities for leveraging this potential.

Big Questions

  • What barriers prevent the use of rich media in learning programs?
  • What are the possibilities, given an unlimited bandwidth?
  • How can learner-generated rich media be integrated in learning?
For more information about the Learning Cafe Unconference event see http://learningcafe.com.au/unconference/.