Learning remotely and the FutureFit report from NESTA

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis; the world is full of uncertainty, organizations have rapidly moved workforces home, and we are isolated and distanced. Before this started, I talked with Beatrice Bekar and Juan Casasbuenas from Nesta about research they were doing on the future of learning. ‘The Make it FutureFit: Four ways to design better adult learning’ report focuses on preparing learners for the workforce, and it explores four core strategies via a series of case studies.

The strategies the report explores are:

  1. Strategies that promote learner identity
  2. Strategies that drive motivation to learn
  3. Strategies that help learners master a new skill or topic
  4. Strategies to develop a community of practice

During the discussion, we focus on how these strategies apply to learning remotely.


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