My Favourite Learning Word: Impact

A short podcast from Robin about his favourite learning word.

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Today in this short podcast I'm going to talk quickly about my favourite learning word. My favourite learning word is 'impact'. Why is this my favourite learning word? Because using it leads to different types of questions. Different types of questions that lead to different types of conversations, that then lead to different types of results.

Using it leads to questions like, "What's the impact of a program going to be on an organisation? How's that impact going to be measured?" This really results in a really radical rethinking evaluation often.

What's the impact going to be on learners and their managers? What's the impact going to be on a wider team that might be involved or not be involved in a program? Does this program impact on anyone that we haven't thought of? Are there stakeholders that we haven't addressed? Personally, I think using the 'impact' word helps to shift the discussion just away from traditional courses.

I hope you also find it useful.