Process is king in learning

This podcast is a short discussion about the idea that in learning, process is the most important element.

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Back in 1996 Bill Gates said, "Content is king." The web was a really different place then. Wikipedia didn't exist. What's interesting is the technologies to build Wikipedia exist. But the culture and the understanding of how—that collaborative way of working—didn't exist. Facebook didn't exist. We're still trying to figure out what to do with this powerful technology that we have around us.

Bill Gates was making an important claim that in actual fact that technology wasn't important. That what we did with the technology was important. In learning and capability development, one of our challenges is we often confuse content and knowledge and information with learning. Learning is not just about knowledge and information; it's about skills, behaviours and mindsets. The development and change of mindsets and behaviours is the outcome of a process. It's not just a matter of reading some material or watching a piece of video. It's triggered by practice and reflection. It's triggered by people building their own mental models.

Learning is a process and process is king in learning.

I hope you also find it useful.