The potential of using AI in L&D, with Christopher Brinton

This interview with Christopher Brinton from Zoomi is a great way to start this series on artificial intelligence and learning and development. The work that Zoomi is doing now is leading the application of AI in L&D. Zoomi works with your existing platforms and learning data and can apply over 250 different AI and machine learning techniques to do things such as analyse learning content and make predictions and recommendations.

This interview covers a lot of the key ways that AI technologies can be used to bring deep, powerful insights to your learning data and how this can then be used to drive personalisation on a whole new level.

Download the how artificial intelligence is changing the way L&D is working eBook

To go along with the podcast series on AI and L&D, we have released an eBook with transcripts of all the interviews. The eBook also gives a brief explanation of what AI is and an overview of how it is being used in L&D.

In the eBook you will learn:

  • Some of the jargon behind the technologies e.g. what data scientists mean when they talk about ‘training a model’. 
  • How AI is being used in L&D today to gain insights and automate learning. 
  • Why you should be starting to look at using chatbots in your learning programs.
  • How you can get started with recommendation engines 


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