Transforming L&D teams with Gregg Eiler

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Episode summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Gregg Eiler, Senior Manager for Learning and Development at Powin, unpacks how motivation, clarity, and leadership interact to boost employee performance. Gregg also dives into the art of coaching, sharing actionable insights from his own experiences that redefine how to build expertise within L&D teams. Find out why it’s about being more than just an instructional designer – it's about being a business problem solver with a curious mindset.

About Gregg Eiler

Gregg Eiler is the Senior Manager for Learning and Development at Powin, where he built the company’s L&D operations from the ground up. He is an experienced Instructional Designer and Performance Improvement Expert with over 15 years of expertise, collaborating with global industry leaders to create impactful learning solutions. Greg’s particular passion lies in optimising performance ecosystems, focusing on elements such as motivation, bandwidth expansion, deliberate practice, coaching, and feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the problem-solver mindset: Learning and Development goes beyond training; it's about being a strategic problem solver who aligns with business objectives.
  • The power of coaching: Gregg leverages coaching to unlock the potential of industry experts, building their capability to ask challenging questions and pivot their perspective.
  • Curiosity as a capability: Encourage curiosity within your L&D teams – it's the driving force that fosters accountability and a sharp focus on solving core business problems.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 03:58 Accountability, progress, and curiosity in sports coaching.
  • 07:40 Consider multiple factors before investing time.
  • 13:00 Encouraging curiosity, coaching and using templates.
  • 15:52 Question to envision future success and set expectations.
  • 18:29 Advocates design thinking for a user-centred approach.
  • 20:12 Prototyping and testing essential for effective solutions.
  • 24:29 Improve business skills through coaching.
  • 27:10 Respecting opinions and styles while offering feedback.

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