Why reskilling is now at the core of what L&D does, with Sonia Malik

In this podcast, Robin talks with Sonia Malik from IBM about reskilling your workforce. Sonia has more than twenty-five years of experience working in various roles in the education technology industry. The conversation starts with Sonia talking about how the pandemic has put reskilling and learning at the core of organisations and the opportunity this has provided for L&D. We then move into talking about how organisations can plan for reskilling, to enable learning to be at the strategic core of an organisation and so learning becomes a core part of daily activity. 

Sonia talks about how your approaches to reskilling plans needed to include perishable and durable skills. Examples of perishable short-term skills working might be cloud technologies. These types of technology skills change quickly and often are only valuable for a few years. Examples of durable skills include presentation skills, communication skills, creative thinking, teamwork and collaboration.

Sonia also talks about what the organisation does to provide the learning infrastructure. Learning infrastructure is both the learning experiences and the recognition of learning that motivates an employee to learn. This enables learners to become motivated, self-guided, super learners. IBM has done research work into figuring out who their super learners are. There is a link to that below. 

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