Digital thinking for L&D: Online workshops

digital thinking workshops2

Digital technologies are disrupting the way we work. But it’s not the technologies that are causing the disruption, it’s what we do with them that’s creating change. It’s the thinking processes and mindsets around using technologies that hold the key.

L&D is having trouble keeping up with the current level of change and what the possibilities of these new technologies mean.

This series of three online workshops and coaching sessions is based around ideas in the Digital thinking 101 series of blog posts, and provides an introduction to digital thinking.

During the program you will:

  • accelerate your digital acumen
  • go beyond just producing another ‘eLearning module’
  • experiment with design thinking.

70:20:10 in action – project based

The learning design for the program is based on the 70:20:10 model. The core of the program is three two-hour-long scenario-based virtual classrooms. The scenario and industry that is used will depend on the participants’ background. Each participant needs to choose a simple project to work on and do some design work during the program. The first half of each session will focus on the scenario, the second half will focus on your projects and exploring and sharing ideas.


Design thinking for L&D

When thinking about new technologies, it's easy to invent new approaches that don't actually meet the needs of the business or its learners. An introduction to design thinking and its application in L&D will be embedded in the program. The focus will be on empathy/discovery and explore/ideation stages of the design thinking process, so you’ll focus on innovation and outcomes, not invention.




Project work

Getting starting

20-minute online meeting to talk about what you want from the program


Session 1

Automation and thinking in rules
Introduction to artificial intelligence and L&D
Enabling flexibility
Increasing interaction
Introduction to design thinking for L&D people

Your task is to develop a learner persona that you will present during the next session

Session 2

New ways of collaborating
Media-rich experiences
The Internet of Things

Presentation of your persona and group explore/ideation for your project  

Session 3

Agile project management

Planning how you could prototype you project


60-minute coaching session to help you reflect on what you have learned, plan what’s next and ask specific questions


Join the workshops

These workshop have passed. We may run future sessions. Please get in contact if your interested.   

Questions and answers

How much work outside of the sessions is involved?
The tasks you need to do between the sessions shouldn't taken any more than an hour.

Can you run the workshops just for our team?
Yes, we can do a customised version for your team, and we can run the sessions in a face-to-face intensive format if you want.

How is digital thinking different to digital literary?
We see digital literacy as focused on hands-on working with technologies, e.g. coding. Digital thinking is less about how to use digital technologies and more about what you can achieve with new technologies. Often the most innovative L&D people know the potential of digital learning but don't actually work hands-on with it.

How many people will be in the group?
To make sure the learning experience is highly interactive the group will be no more than 6 people