How to make sure your 70:20:10 model is successful

702010 successful

The 70:20:10 model is not easy to transform into reality.  Learning and development people are often unsure about where to start with the model. Sprout Labs has put together the  Learning While Working Framework to help guide the design and implementation of 70:20:10 learning models. The 1st stage of the Sprout Labs Learning While Working Framework is understanding. This stage is a mixture of understanding the business problem, understanding the learners, and understanding the context.  The understanding stage of project is the bedrock that makes sure your 70:20:10 model is successful.   

This interactive webinar will explore:     

  • why this understanding phase is important for the success for 70:20:10

  • what are the best projects to work on when get started with a 70:20:10 model

  • how the understanding phase can be used to engage stakeholders   

  • how techniques from design thinking and lean manufacturing can be used in learning

  • the use of learner and stakeholder personas.

 Access the recording and transcript

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