Webinar - How to support managers to become learning leaders

How to support managers main


One of the perpetual discussions in workplaces is that managers are often promoted because of their technical skills, and they then must learn the management and leadership skills they need on the job. 70-20-10 approaches to learning programs are requiring managers to become learning leaders and sometimes they just don't have the capabilities to do so.

During this interactive 30 minute webinar we will explore a case study where Sprout Labs designed integrated supports for line managers. The approach included a workplace learning guide, a community of practice for the managers, and support staff for managers.          

The format of our webinars is a mixture of presentation and interaction. Expect to spend the session brainstorming and learning from your peers. We don’t record the live session but if you are not able to attend we will send you a separate recording and the resources afterwards. 

When: Tuesday 27 September 2016

Time: 12.30pm – 1.00pm AEST (Melbourne time)