Webinar: Instructional design 101

Introduction to instructional design

When you get started with digital learning, technology is only one of the many challenges. What is even more difficult is creating a learning experience that engages your learners and transforms the performance of your organisation. One of the keys to a successful digital learning course is designing learning experiences that allow your employees to practice their new found skills.

This webinar will introduce you to processes, ideas and tactics that will allow you to build engaging and effective digital learning programs.

Topics to be covered:

  • What does an instructional designer do?
  • Introduction to basic frameworks and theories
  • The instructional design process
  • Hints and tips about visual design and media
  • Trends in digital learning authoring tools

This is an introductory webinar designed to help people getting started in digital learning. We will also run a webinar on the Future of instructional design

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