Discover Glasshouse: The basics of Glasshouse

GH demo basics of GH linkedin

This Discover Glasshouse webinar is an exploration of Glasshouse’s basic learning content authoring features. It's an introduction into how blocks and sequence pages work in Glasshouse.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • add blocks and edit blocks in Glasshouse
  • display blocks in different formats and how children blocks work
  • rapidly find existing blocks, when you need to edit content
  • add pop-ups and edit pop-ups in Glasshouse
  • exporting content as SCORM files
  • integrate Glasshouse with your LMS using Learning Technology Integration (LTI)

Who this webinar is for

Glasshouse users and people who are curious about how Glasshouse works. 

Watch the recording