[Webinar recording] Mini demo: Painless workplace assessments using Glasshouse

In this follow-on mini demo from the Assessment Summit, we demonstrate how to author, complete and report on checklists for workplace assessments in the Sprout Labs platform Glasshouse.

Often, in learning assessment, we focus on testing knowledge instead of actually observing an employee’s behaviour, this is because workplace observations are seen as too complex and time consuming for employees, managers and L&D.

Learn how Glasshouse makes workplace assessment painless in this 20-minute live demo.

The demo covers:

  • Why observing an employee’s behaviour is key to effective assessment
  • How to author checklists for workplace assessments in Glasshouse
  • How Glasshouse integrates with your LMS using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard
  • Using the Glasshouse mobile application for completing assessments online and offline
  • How to report on workplace assessment results

Mini demo: Painless workplace assessments using Glasshouse - Watch the recording