Thinking Visually - presentation slides

Thinking visually LinkedIn 

Visual thinking is essentially a way to conceptualise your content within a visual framework. This means that the visual elements of your learning design must have a reason for being there, and aren’t just decorative elements. Decorative graphics are one of the most common errors I see in learning programs, and not only are they useless, they actually distract the learner from engaging with the content in the right way. Visual thinking is a process, and should happen at all stages of your learning design, but most critically at the beginning. This is when your learning content is being structured and arranged, and this is the stage where you should be thinking about what parts of your content can be visual and what must be information based.

The slides below from my presentation ‘Thinking Visually’ at Sprout Labs’ 2019 Learning While Working virtual conference illustrate these points in more detail. They look at the questions;

  • Why is visual thinking important? 
  • What is the purpose of each graphic you use, and
  • How can you make your own learning content more visual?

Iona Dierich