[Webinar recording] Empowering learning with AI: A new era for L&D

How can learning and development professionals harness the power of AI to transform traditional learning methods, while effectively managing privacy and security concerns?

Join Robin Petterd, host of the Learning While Working podcast, in this insightful webinar. Drawing from a series of conversations on the Learning While Working podcast with diverse experts, this session explores the possibilities and challenges of AI in learning.

In just 60 minutes, you will get an insider’s view into:

  • Practical strategies and techniques for integrating AI into your work as learning and development professionals.
  • How AI can accelerate and enhance the learning process, going beyond content development to innovative learning methods.
  • How organisations are addressing the privacy and security issues associated with using AI.

Empowering learning with AI: A new era for L&D - Watch the recording

AI Summary

Introduction and Acknowledgment

Robin introduced himself as the host of Sprout Labs' webinar on empowering learning with AI. He also acknowledged the traditional owners of the land he was joining from.

Sprout Labs Overview

Robin provided an overview of Sprout Labs' work with digital learning platforms such as Glasshouse and Totara. He mentioned past webinars, virtual conferences, and outlined the structure for that day's session on practical strategies to integrate AI into work processes.

Interactive Session Planning

Before starting interactive activities related to AI integration, Robin engaged participants by asking what they hoped to gain from the session. This allowed him to tailor his messaging during the session based on participants' responses.

Whiteboard Activity Instructions

Participants were guided through using annotation tools for a whiteboard activity related to their use of AI in workflow processes. The activity aimed at gauging participants' current utilisation or perception of AI within their work contexts.

AI and Human Intelligence

Robin discussed the concept of intelligence in the context of AI, questioning what it means for AI to be smarter than a single human. The discussion delved into the multifaceted nature of human intelligence, encompassing book smarts, creativity, empathy, and expression. It was emphasized that being human involves more than just knowledge and smartness.

Ethical Considerations with AI

The conversation touched on ethical dilemmas associated with trusting AIs to make decisions. There was an exploration of what it truly means to be human beyond knowledge-based capabilities such as creativity and expression. The idea that humans are natural tool users and builders was also highlighted.

Impact on Workforce

The discussion revolved around how work is shifting due to advancements in technology like AI tools for coding which have led to increased productivity. It was noted that learning is also evolving alongside these changes in workplaces.

Use Cases for AI in Learning & Development (L&D)

Various use cases were explored including content creation using AI tools such as Compiler resulting in increased productivity by 20%. Additionally, there were discussions about pioneering efforts within L&D teams regarding the adoption of new technologies.

Leveraging Superpowers vs Weaknesses

Participants shared their experiences regarding leveraging their strengths or superpowers while acknowledging weaknesses when working with different types of media or content generation tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Specificity in Prompt Engineering

There was a focus on prompt engineering where participants discussed being specific about desired outcomes when using chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) which can produce various formats including tables or mind maps based on defined outcomes.

Change Management Process

Robin emphasised the importance of a change management process, highlighting the need to carefully review and modify content. He discussed using an "act as an expert" approach to focus on specific areas of knowledge and provide context and background for better results. Additionally, he shared his experience with refining multiple choice questions through iterative interactions, stressing the significance of continuous improvement in content development.

Evolution of AI Tools

Robin delved into the evolving landscape of AI tools such as chat GPT and Google's Gemini models. He highlighted how these advancements are reshaping content creation by offering more accurate and human-like language generation capabilities. Furthermore, he mentioned potential ethical concerns related to extensive AI-generated content delivery within organisations.

Rethinking Learning Experiences

The discussion revolved around reimagining learning experiences with AI integration. This included exploring new assessment methods beyond traditional essay writing in higher education, leveraging chat GPT for brainstorming diverse ideas without inherent biases, and utilising AI for providing personalised feedback in medical education scenarios.

Custom Chat Bots for Learning

The conversation touched upon custom chat bots integrated into learning experiences to enhance feedback provision on short answer questions in medical education settings. It also involved leveraging these tools to facilitate active learning experiences while rethinking conventional approaches to content delivery.

Personalized tutors and AI Risks

Robin discussed the emergence of personalised tutors and their potential impact on learning experiences. He highlighted the effectiveness of one-on-one tutoring, self-guided learning, and collaborative learning. However, he expressed concerns about the effectiveness of computerised digitised personalised choosers. Robin also raised issues related to generative AI's tendency to make erroneous connections and fabricate information, emphasising the risks associated with using chat tools integrated with codebases due to data privacy and security concerns.

Utilising Chat GPT for Learning

Robin emphasised the potential for using chat GPT in facilitating self-guided learning experiences but cautioned about its risks due to generative AI's unpredictable nature. He mentioned Sprout Labs' cautious approach towards integrating chat tools with their codebase due to data privacy and security concerns.

Cloud Providers for AI Services

Robin discussed two approaches regarding cloud providers' services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) in high-risk areas. He highlighted pros like transparency in open-source tools but also noted challenges related to data governance when utilising these services outside Australia.

Critical Thinking Skills in L&D

Robin stressed the importance of critical thinking skills in leveraging AI-generated content effectively while encouraging a deeper understanding beyond surface-level information processing.