Augmented reality for learning with Rustica Lamb

Rustica Lamb joins the Learning While Working podcast to delve into a fascinating AR project Rustica is creating, and how L&D experts can get started with Augmented Reality. The conversations explore the current landscape of how you can implement augmented reality, Rustica’s own personal experience of testing out different AR solutions, and models of learning through Web3.

About Rustica Lamb

Coming from a digital learning background, Rustica Lamb is the founder of Bloom Learning Technologies, an international award-winning learning technologies company that is bringing the cost of elearning way, way down. They help organisations create engaging learning experiences, whilst supporting the business and budget goals.

Key takeaways:

  • The learning potential from augmented reality: AR is getting more and more common, but it is not mainstream yet. Rustica sees some massive opportunities in induction and onboarding.
  • The current costs: AR is treated a premium currently because it is emerging. Rustica likens it to the early 2000s with the price for a website – like web design, the costs will go down the more mainstream it will be, where there will be more DIY template solutions.
  • Where to start: start by researching some use cases to what is possible with this technology, then reflect on how you can apply AR to your work and do mini experiments to find what works best for you.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 02:01 Rustica’s personal learning experience of using Augmented Reality
  • 07:36 Her process of finding the right AR technology to use
  • 08:29 What is the learning potential with AR?
  • 12:54 The costs associated with AR technology
  • 14:26 The three phases of her process/ product development
  • 18:53 How does AR change the instructional design process?
  • 23:35 Where L&D experts can get started with AR

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