Learning Transfer and Formative Assessment with Geoff Rip

Episode summary

Geoff Rip is back on the Learning While Working podcast to talk about learning transfer and formative assessment. Tune into this conversation as we delve into how learning transfer is linked to retrieval practice and self reflection.

About Geoff Rip

Geoff Rip is the Founder and Principal Designer at Training That Works. He is a highly experienced and passionate learning professional with rich and diverse knowledge. He specialises in quality production of end to end learning, utilising social learning and technology, with a dedicated focus on increasing capability resulting in performance uplift.

Key takeaways:

  • Transfer is a learning process. L&D experts tend to brush over this part, but they need to view it as a fundamental part – we need to be designing for transfer
  • Retrieval practice is about pulling learning from the brain as opposed to pushing information into the brain. Techniques include mind-mapping, multiple choice questions and storytelling.
  • Reflection is a key skill for each step, so it shouldn’t be left to just the end. This is a great way to help people become ‘self-directed experiential learners’, and can be done through a variety of ways including coaching.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 01:56 The main challenges with transferring learning into practise in the workplace
  • 05:10 Fitting in formative assessment with learning transfer
  • 06:33 What is retrieval practice?
  • 12:25 The definition of ‘spacing’
  • 13:34 Why it’s so important to help people apply what they have learnt
  • 19:01 How to design cycles into the learning experience
  • 27:02 Geoff’s top advice for increasing the transfer of learning

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