New ways university and workplaces are working the together with Warren Kennard

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Episode summary

Warren Kennard joins the show to share how we can develop future skills in workplaces from higher education, the power of tailoring off-the-shelf programs, and the need to keep focused on the learner.

About Warren Kennard

Warren Kennard is a globally connected higher education professional and reformer with extensive leadership experience across EdTech, strategy, marketing, business development and partnerships, principally in last-mile learning institutions positioned to scale.  He is currently Principal Consultant of Digital at Melbourne Business School.   

Key Takeaways

  • We are undergoing a rapid pace of change in society that demands certain skills. Transformation needs to happen within Higher Education to ensure that there isn’t a broadening gap with market requirements. Higher Education needs to also review its own business models to keep up with the pace.
  • The ‘disruptors’ of the traditional education model, such as tech boot camps, are offering training that is more practical and project-based. Consider ways to work together with these boot camps that provide such technical skills.
  • Organisations and universities can leverage the future skills in workplaces by working together. Even though they operate very differently, hence the rise of third-parties like boot camps, it’s important to be patient, clear on each other’s expectations and establish a partnership of learning.

Segmented time stamps:

01:56 Why Higher Education is rethinking the way its working with industries

04:30 Working with the ‘disruptors’ of Higher Education

07:27 Bootcamps versus university short courses

15:00 Advice for organisations who are considering working with universities

17:54 Innovation labs at universities

20:15 Exploring the different learning styles across programs

23:01 How would Warren like to see the development of future skills in workplaces

Links from the podcast:

  • Connect with Warren Kennard on LinkedIn