Reimagining Learning with Aman Eid

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Episode summary

Aman Eid believes in the power of learning to transform humans and social communities. As an Organisational Designer and Learning Strategist, it was great having Aman on the show to share what it takes to reimagine organisational learning. Tune in as we explore striving for the ‘thrivability’ of organisations, learning from the struggles of big tech companies, ensuring organisations have a diverse range of voices, and how Aman measures the success of her work.

About Aman Eid

Aman Eid is a social neuroscientist of learning and an organisational designer concerned with how organisations transform via learning efforts. Coming from an interdisciplinary colourful background enabled Aman to have a unique approach to tackling the challenges facing organisations. In the last 14 years, Aman led and contributed to designing and redesigning 100s of learning journeys of agile teams, leadership communities, and organisational landscapes. For organisational reinventing to work, we need to reinvent the ways we learn together in organisations, and for organisational learning to work we need to reinvent the intentions of leading the learning efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • As many of us are reimagining the world of work, we also need to reimagine how we learn. Many of us have been caught up in the traditional way of working which focuses more on task mastery, neglecting the human side of work. Aman highlights that organisations are essentially “you and me” – a place where humans work together.
  • We can learn from big tech companies when it comes to reimagining the future of work. As they are growing at an accelerated pace, we can quickly see what their success and failures are, and apply where needed to our workplace. A common weakness of big tech companies is their lack of hiring diverse talent, often due to their pace of hiring, so this helps us stick to the path of maintaining a diverse culture.
  • L&D experts can help organisations reimagine learning by ensuring all employees have a platform to share their voices. By nurturing the “invisible leaders”, the key decision makers can then listen and be open to change.

Segmented time stamps:

01:50 Why we need to reimagine organisational learning

04:25 Redefining work relationships

06:14 What we can learn from Big Tech companies, including their struggles

12:44 Bringing diverse talent to the organisational level

15:31 How an L&D expert can help facilitate the “invisible leaders”

20:32 Aman’s key advice with reimagining workplace learning

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