eLearning Review Processes and Quality Assurance

One of the stages of the eLearning development process that I seem to continue to in conflict with and confused by is the review and quality assurance stage.

"We couldn't find things" - Organizing learning experiences

I've recently been doing with a lot of interviews with project teams that  developed eLearning solutions during 2008. One of the themes of the learner interviews was "we couldn't find things. "

This has led me to think more about how learning resources are organized and their information design.

eLearning Resources or eLearning Assets

As the year starts to wrap up, I've been reflecting on some of the projects I've been working on during 2008. One small project was prototyping a different way for doing resource development for a large centralize resource development project.

Learning Activities for Visual Learners

Recently, I've see some learning designers who are 100% word people have trouble grasping what means to be a visual learner. Often when we think about visual learners, we think: "Oh, they will need pictures and diagrams. " This is a good start . . .