Interviews from LearnX - Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in L&D with Peter Clowes

Peter Clowes from MAXART talks about how they have been using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in L&D.

Interviews from LearnX - Using a Learning Record Store to share data between healthcare organisations with Robert LoPresti

Robin and Robert talk about how Austin Health is using xAPI to share learning data between hospitals.

Interviews from LearnX - Transitioning L&D from being compliance focused to being a value creator with Terrena Hooper

Terrena Hooper talks about her journey at Sodexo where L&D has gone from being compliance focused to being a value creator for the organisation.

Interviews from LearnX - How do managers really learn with Owen Ferguson

Owen Ferguson from GoodPractice talks about some of their findings from their research into how managers learn.

Interviews from LearnX - Is your decision making dangerous with Michelle Gibbings

Michelle Gibbings and Robin talk about the future of work and the importance of decision making.

Interviews from LearnX - Transforming learning with Virtual Reality with Mark "Squiz" Squirrell

Squiz and Robin talk about how Virtual Reality can be used to simulate experiences in the classroom that accelerate employees’ learning and create more business impact.

Interviews from LearnX - Trends in digital learning with Brenden Carter

Robin and Brendan Carter talk about trends in digital learning, including microlearning, virtual reality, learning campaigns and xAPI.

5 takeaways from LearnX 2018


The Learnx 2018 convention was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 30 October, and featured a full day of presentations and exhibitors. Most of the day involved multiple simultaneous sessions so my impression is based on only a small portion of what was on offer.

Instructional design for microlearning

A short guide to what instructional designers need to think about when designing microlearning.

How to run a virtual conference

Lessons learned from running the first Learning While Working virtual conference,