Free webinar - Enabling learning ecosystems

Enabling learning ecosystems blog post

Learning ecosystems are a powerful mindset for transforming learning. This webinar focuses on Sprout Labs’ ecosystems of learning technologies. The session will be a mixture of software demonstration and sharing the learning tactics that our platforms enable.

This won't be a standard software demonstration. It will be organised around the story of a learner, manager, and L&D person who are working in a sophisticated integrated ecosystem that enables them to learn while working.

Some of the topics we will explored where:

  • The power of open and flexible technologies. 
  • What it means to be working in an xAPI enabled data rich environment
  • How to enable social learning
  • Measuring on the job performance using checklists
  • Building learning campaigns 
  • How cloud-based eLearning authoring platforms increase the agility of L&D teams


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