AI-powered workshop design insights with Pedram Parasmand

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Episode summary

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Pedram Parasmand shares his insights on using AI tools for workshop designs and emphasises the importance of not relying on AI to do the creative work for you, but rather using it as a thought partner and brainstorming tool.

He shares his experience with Chat GPT and Copy AI, highlighting how he trains these AI generative tools on his own methodology to support workshop design. He also explores the potential of using AI-powered transcription tools like Otter AI for analysis and evaluation.

About Pedram Parasmand

Pedram Parasmand is The Co-Founder and CEO of Skills Lab and has over 11 years experience working with executive teams to new entrants in the corporate, public, third and education sectors. Pedram has partnered with clients such as Accenture, Barclays Bank, Mind, Ministry of Justice, Red Bull, The European Union Commission, and The British Council. Previously, Pedram worked in Leadership Development at the education charity Teach First and started his career as a high school Science teacher.

Key Takeaways

  • Don't rely on AI to do the creative work for you: Pedram emphasises the importance of trusting your own human instincts and using AI as a support system or brainstorming tool. AI can enhance your workshop design process, but it can never replace your skills as a facilitator.
  • Align AI with your specific challenges: When incorporating AI into your workshops, consider your pain points and processes. Explore how AI can assist you in addressing those challenges and improving your facilitation techniques. AI should complement your objectives, not replace them.
  • Train AI in your methodology: Pedram shares his experience with training AI tools like Copy AI in his own workshop design methodology. By giving detailed prompts and instructions, you can teach AI to analyse transcripts, identify pains and gains, and generate audience-friendly content.

Segmented time stamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:53 AI aids in designing workshops for newbies
  • 05:46 Using tools like Otter AI that summarise, analyse, and evaluate conversations
  • 07:01 How evaluation is flexible with various data points
  • 12:57 Generate ideas for workshop objectives and refine later
  • 16:44 Workshop structured like a story for growth
  • 19:22 Finding ways to removes manual tasks

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