Danielle Wallace on the AI in learning community of practice

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Episode summary

In this episode Robin and Danielle discuss the influence of AI on learning design, its potential to standardise educational experiences, and the importance of maintaining human skills like critical thinking in AI applications. It’s a fascinating discussion which delves into the creative potential of AI and self-learning. The recent ‘hype’ surrounding AI calls for continual learning and community collaboration to understand and leverage this technology effectively.


About Danielle

Danielle is a Learning & Development and business professional with Fortune 100 experience. As a passionate learner and critical thinker, She has dedicated herself to navigating through the hype and staying up-to-date in the world of learning development. She is currently Chief Learning Strategist at Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning Solutions.


Key Takeaways

  • Embrace neural networks for creativity: Danielle highlights how neural networks excel at making unexpected connections and providing creative ideas without bias. By leveraging AI as an assistant, we can tap into new perspectives and unlock innovative solutions. 
  • Human skills in the AI Age: Critical thinking is an invaluable human skill that AI lacks. It’s important to nurture our critical thinking abilities and leverage our unique human qualities to complement AI technologies. 
  • Staying ahead in Learning & Development:The learning and development field must keep pace with technological advancements. There is a need for continuous learning, networking, and embracing new knowledge to create effective solutions. By staying informed and sharing expertise, we can shape the future of learning and development.


Segmented time stamps:

  • 00:00 Looking beyond the hype 
  • 01:32 Running an AI and L&D community of practice: what does that look like? 
  • 02:45 Common trends and questions people are asking in the community
  • 03:33 The risks of unregulated usage of AI within organisations
  • 07:43 Some great examples of leveraging AI
  • 15:58 Reassessing what it means to be human
  • 17:03 Using AI in creative work
  • 20:15 Danielle’s key piece of advice around using generative AI


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