Webinar - Developing a content curation strategy for learning

 Developing a content curation strategy blog post

Content curation is one of the most important strategies for the future of learning. Content curation for learning is the process of selecting existing resources, designing learning experiences based on those resources and sharing the experiences. Content curation is a widely adopted approach but it could be much more effective.

Learning and Development (L&D) is changing from a focus on compliance training and onboarding, to a focus on developing the future capabilities of your people. The content to support the new skill needs of your people can already exist on the internet or in content libraries. You just need to design the learning experiences to activate the content experience.

This webinar is a follow up to our free webinar on Content Curation for Learning which was an exploration of how to approach content curation for learning. This webinar will provide you with a framework to develop a high impact content curation strategy.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll gain expertise in:

  • Linking your content curation strategy to your overall business strategy
  • How to choose the right approach to content curation for learning
  • What skills does a learning curator need and how to develop those in your teams
  • Solving governance issues in content curation
  • Measuring the impact of content curation.

Attending this webinar will take you to the next level of effectiveness with your content curation strategy.

This webinar is now over.