Learn how to design 70-20-10 learning ecosystems - Webinar

Learn how to design 70-20-10 learning ecosystems  - Webinar

Learning and development is changing rapidly. The focus is moving beyond courses, and the rapid adoption of a 70-20-10 model is a key part of this transformation.The concept of a ‘learning ecosystem’ gives us an elegant way to explain what these new approaches are and how the different components work together. But how to actually design and implement a learner-centred ecosystem is not always straightforward. During this interactive webinar we will explore how to make effective learning ecosystems a reality.

Topics to be covered:

  • The key elements of a learning ecosystem
  • The link between learning ecosystems and capability development
  • Applying design thinking to planning a learning ecosystem
  • Using digital learning to enable and accelerate 70-20-10 learning ecosystems

The format of our webinars is a mixture of presentation and interaction. Expect to spend the session brainstorming and learning from your peers. We won’t record the live session but if you are not able to attend we will send you a separate recording and the resources afterwards.