Facilitation Tips Part 2 Process Tips

Process tips
Develop clear expectations/norms around the level of participation and quality of contributions. Guide participants on what makes a good post. Be consistent and clear, include timelines and reminders. Provide support to new members, give that little extra attention. Provide guidance on where posts belong.

Explore the problem 1st not the solution

During a project meeting an interesting thing happened. This particular project has been in the review stage for a while. The main navigation for this online learning module is built around a map of the small town.

Free Webinar about transfer learning from 10 to the 70 in the 70:20:10 learning model

Join us online for an interactive discussion. Join us online for an interactive discussion about how to improve the results from formal training and learning programs using Learning Transfer.

Developing soft skills with eLearning

ELearning is not normally the first delivery mode that comes to mind when we think about developing interpersonal and soft skills. Soft skills are still seen as skills that can only be taught through face to face training.

Facilitation Tips Part 1 General Tips

5 General tips for facilitating (forums and live sessions)The basics
Role model the behaviour you wish others to use. Always offer an orientation process and provide support materials for using forums and live sessions. Practise and encourage active listening/reading and responding.

Change management for new learning programs

In one of our recent webinars the topic of change management was brought up. Currently learning and development is being disrupted and driven by changes in technology. Change management is a core component of learning and development.

Designing Blended Learning with the 70:20:10 Model

Join us online for an interactive discussion.

Getting better results from off-the-shelf content - using a 70:20:10 model


I’ve always had a love hate relationship with off-the-shelf the content from course libraries. Often off-the-shelf content is a great way to get started in elearning. However clients have found off-the-shelf content can be expensive and are unable to load it into their LMS.

Learning Conversations - some example questions for managers

As I have been working more with blended learning and the 7:20:10 model I have become interested in the important role the manager plays in learning.

Why we have become a Totara partner


Why we have become a Totara partnerMoodle is a great Learning Management System that is used by millions of learners around the world. Its ecosystem of plug-ins and themes makes it flexible and easy to customise; it's the perfect platform for blended learning.