What is learning design?

A learning design map for the RPET project.  

This month the Learning Café topic is "Learning Design - is it delivering the promise?" The basic premise is that learning design in the corporate world is underachieving.

ID Drops - a mobile card deck to inspire creative instructional design.

Text by Kirsty Sharp, Robin Petterd and also incorporates text from the Oblique Strategies cards by Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt. All images Creative Commons Licensed and credited by Flckr user name.  

iOS version coming soon

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Here are some upcoming events. I'll be talking at some; others are Sprout Labs hosted events. E-nabled workforce development - 70:20:10 at Elnet's Melbourne Conference on Friday, 26th October 2012.

eLearning for workplace learning: e-nable workforce development

How to use eLearning to Accelerate learning, Assist knowledge capture and sharing, Increase your organisation's agility and performance and grow on-the-job workplace learning in your organisation.

Thoughts on changing employee behaviour towards safety

A common complaint I've heard from a few organisations is lack of employee motivation to follow safety systems. I've been thinking about this problem over the last couple of weeks and have come up with some ideas.

10 things from the Learning Café Unconference

The format of every unconference that I've been to has been different. Jeevan designed an event that was a great balance between structured and unstructured discussions that the audience of 50 learning and development professionals engaged with quickly.

Learning Cafe Unconference - Getting Ready for Rich Media Learning

Finally completed the outline for the session I will be running at Learning Cafe Unconference on the 15th of February in Sydney.  

Session Overview
Bandwidth is like the fuel for IT. It makes technology run faster and less expensively.