Talent Pipelines in Tech with John Danner

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast Robin chats with John Danner from Dunce Capital – a company focused on investing in the future of learning and work. In this episode, John shares his insights as to why tech companies need to be focused on developing their own talent pipeline as opposed to continuing to bid from a dwindling supply of senior engineers.

Why having a learning engine is important with Zachary Minott

In this podcast, Robin talks with Zachary Minott; a lead salesforce developer by day, a writer in his free time, and a life-long learner. In this episode, Zach shares what a learning engine is, the importance of creative problem solving, and why continually building upon your knowledge is crucial for expanding and improving your skills.

Fostering a learning culture in a tech company, with Toby Newman

This podcast is a conversation with Toby Newman from HERE Technologies about how to foster a learning culture. In the interview, Toby provides lots of examples of the strategies and approaches that Nigel Paine and Sonia Malik talk about in the previous interviews on learning cultures.

Why reskilling is now at the core of what L&D does, with Sonia Malik

In this podcast, Robin talks with Sonia Malik from IBM about reskilling your workforce. The conversation starts with Sonia talking about how the pandemic has put reskilling and learning at the core of organisations and the opportunity this has provided for L&D. We then move into talking about how organisations can plan for reskilling, to enable learning to be at the strategic core of an organisation and so learning becomes a core part of daily activity.

Future ways of working with Daniel Mottau

This is a podcast with Dan Mottau from RedBubble on Future ways of working. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world and is transforming how we work and live. Remote working has transformed many workspaces and employee’s lives and we are seeing the rise of hybrid workplaces. One of the key messages from this podcast is that hybrid workplaces are really about allowing people to work the way they want to and if organisations don't allow for that flexibility there are risks of losing employees.

What does Performance Consulting Mean for Learning Professionals?

An exploration of what performance consulting is and what it means for learning professionals.

Learning cultures with Nigel Paine

What is a learning culture and how is a learning culture fostered, supported and enabled? In this podcast, Robin is exploring these questions with author Nigel Paine.

Inclusion in live online learning with Brigit Ritchie

This podcast is a return to talking about live online learning. In this podcast Robin is talking with Brigit Ritchie from WE. WE is a learning studio facilitating workshops, retreats and art experiences to re-imagine relationships in and out of work. This podcast explores what inclusion is and it’s importance. It’s also partly a case study of how WE delivers live online learning.

LearnX - Re-imagining learning using design thinking with Gareth Killeen

In this conversation Robin is talking with Gareth Killeen from Reece about how they used design thinking to re-imagine their leadership development program. Themes include human centered design, design thinking and micro-learning and spaced learning. This is another podcast that was recorded at LearnX 2019.

LearnX - Using the 70:20:10 learning model for leadership development with Zoe Sharan

This is the next in the series of podcasts from LearnX 2019. This podcast is a return to a series of podcasts that were recorded face-to-face at LearnX 2019. In this podcast Robin is talking with Zoe Sharan from Amicus about how she is using the 70:20:10 learning model in their leadership development program.