Learning Transfer and Formative Assessment with Geoff Rip

Geoff Rip is back on the Learning While Working podcast to talk about learning transfer and formative assessment. Tune into this conversation as we delve into how learning transfer is linked to retrieval practice and self reflection.

The link between learning transfer and assessment with Keith Keating

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast with Keith Keating, we explore the science of learning, some of the greatest challenges with learning transfer, why L&D experts should be viewed as trusted advisors, and how Archwell conducts their assessments.

Key takeaways from The Assessment Summit

The Assessment Summit brought together some of the world’s most accomplished learning experts to share a smorgasbord of practical, actionable advice on assessment. In one of our most recent podcasts episodes Robin summarised the event, and our designer Monica summarises both in this infographic.

How to improve your assessments with Cara North

Cara North joins the Learning While Working podcast to reflect on some of the key insights she shared at this year’s Assessment Summit. Tune into this conversation about asking the right questions, the different types of workplace assessments, and why L&D experts need to be like consultants.

Thoughts and Reflections on The Assessment Summit

Assessment is something we don’t think or talk about enough in learning and development, but it's one of the keys to transforming the impact of what we do in L&D. This episode is a bit different from others – it’s Robin reflecting on some key takeaways and themes from this year’s Assessment Summit.

Training Frontline Leaders as Learning Accelerators with Ray Jimenez

Frontline workers are troubleshooting constantly and need to quickly learn on the job. However, too often, the learning experience for frontline workers is heavy with answers that they need to memorise. Ray Jimenez, the Chief Learning Architect at Vignettes Learning, comes back on the show to share why we need to encourage more informal learning and allow frontline workers the space to learn and think critically for themselves.

Drawing as a learning while working activity with Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff Kortenbosch is back on the Learning While Working podcast to talk about how drawing is a powerful mechanism for learning and learning design. We also explore publishing graphics on a daily basis, building sticky habits, and the power of running courses via email.

Board game design with Joshua Gillingham

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast , we explore how to get into the mind of the player with Joshua Gillingha. Based in Vancouver Island, Joshua Gillingham is an author, game designer, and learning designer. Board games are a great way for people to learn from, as they are very engaging and bring about different challenges.

Why see one, do one, teach one teaching methods works

In healthcare there is a learning mantra educators and trainers often use of ‘see one, do one, teach one’ for physical procedure skills. It's a powerful way to structure learning while working and doing based on the timeless apprentice module of learning. There is good learning theory and learning science as to why it works which is what we are going to explore in this blog post.

Designing a learning workbook

This blog post explores the design process and learning possibilities of workbooks.