Board game design with Joshua Gillingham

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast , we explore how to get into the mind of the player with Joshua Gillingha. Based in Vancouver Island, Joshua Gillingham is an author, game designer, and learning designer. Board games are a great way for people to learn from, as they are very engaging and bring about different challenges.

Why see one, do one, teach one teaching methods works

In healthcare there is a learning mantra educators and trainers often use of ‘see one, do one, teach one’ for physical procedure skills. It's a powerful way to structure learning while working and doing based on the timeless apprentice module of learning. There is good learning theory and learning science as to why it works which is what we are going to explore in this blog post.

Designing a learning workbook

This blog post explores the design process and learning possibilities of workbooks.

Capabilities of aspirational L&D teams with Michelle Ockers

Michelle Ockers joins the Learning While Working podcast to talk about what are some of the critical skills for L&D teams, being mindful of our blindspots, how L&D experts are ‘impact explorers’, and some key insights from her podcast, Learning Uncut.

How Do You Become a Better Learning Designer with Ant Pugh

Ant Pugh helps unfulfilled learning designers graduate from frustrated order-takers to valued business partners. In this conversation, Ant talks about why the vast majority of learning in the world today is ineffective – and what learning designers can leverage from ‘documenting’ daily to an audience.

RedThread's Next-gen Learning Method Report with Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson joins the Learning While Working podcast to discuss key insights from their Next-gen Learning Method Report, how the RedThread’s Employee Development frameworks help organisations improve their learning cultures, and why L&D roles are becoming more central to organisations.

Six Lenses Evaluation Model with Geoff Rip

Geoff Rip joins the Learning While Working podcast to share his Six Lenses Evaluation Model that he has developed as part of his Predictable Performance Design methodology, which aims to make it easier and faster to design training that is both engaging and effective.

20 questions you should ask before talking about training with Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff’s main focus is on internal mobility and skills based talent management through upskilling and reskilling teams and employees. Listen as we delve into his 20 Questions framework, having performance conversations and how to handle push back from stakeholders about working differently.

New ways university and workplaces are working the together with Warren Kennard

Warren Kennard joins the show to share how we can develop future skills in workplaces from higher education, the power of tailoring off-the-shelf programs, and the need to keep focused on the learner.

Reimagining Learning with Aman Eid

Aman Eid believes in the power of learning to transform humans and social communities. As an Organisational Designer and Learning Strategist, it was great having Aman on the show to share what it takes to reimagine organisational learning. Tune in as we explore striving for the ‘thrivability’ of organisations.