Measuring the impact of learning ecosystems with Steve Foreman

This podcast is an exploration of measuring the impact of learning ecosystems with Steven Foreman, the President of InfoMedia Designs. The podcast starts with Steve outlining his ecosystem model and then he talks about measuring impact.

Content curation in action - outline and reflection

An outline and reflection on Sprout Labs collaborative “Content Curation in Action” program.

Removing the friction from your learning solutions with Jeremy Roberts

This podcast is with Jeremy Roberts from Infinitude Creative Group about using the Fogg Behaviour Change Model for designing learning solutions that are easier to use and more engaging. The model takes into account your audiences’ motivation, their abilities and prompts to engage them.

70:20:10 learning ecosystem approaches in action

An exploration of Sprout Labs’ digital learning capability development programs as 70:20:10 learning ecosystems.
Sprout Labs’ eLearning Superhuman program and Visual Design program are examples of blended 70:20:10 learning experience in action.

Learning while working with Totara’s On The Job (OTJ) activity

Learning while working doesn't just happen, it needs to be designed and supported. There are some people who are naturally self-guided learners and there are managers who are great at guiding their team’s learning.

What is broken with assessment in eLearning, with Jenny Saucerman

This podcast is with Jenny Saucerman on what is broken with assessment in eLearning. L&D is becoming more focused on performance based learning, but the missing element is often assessment. The podcast will help you to rethink your assessments in your eLearning modules beyond multiple choice questions.

Making remote learning design teams work, with Naomi Waldron

One of the ways work is changing is that more work is being done in remote teams. In this podcast Robin talks with Naomi Waldron from easyA about making remote learning design teams work.

Cardno's journey with learning technologies, with James Hanson

In this podcast, Robin is talking with Jason Hanson from Cardno about how their implementation of a learning management system triggered a rethinking of learning at Cardno.

Visual design for learning


“One of the common myths in the training field is the idea some learners are ‘visual’ while others are ‘auditory. ’ In reality, all learners new to a content area benefit from a relevant visual.

Using smart speakers and voice interaction in learning, with Cath Ellis

Smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are changing the way we interact with computers. In this podcast, Robin talks with Cath Ellis about the potential of smart speakers in learning and some of the technology that is used for design and building voice interactions.