Pairing as a learning while working activity

Working in pairs is a common practice in software development, it can also be an effective ‘learning while working activity’ in any workplace.

Designing more active learning with workbooks

In our digital first world, workbooks are often an overlooked learning strategy. They don’t have to be one-dimensional printed documents, they can be exciting tools to help learners summarise, reflect, plan for change and track new behaviours.

Rapid eLearning course development using workbooks

Workbooks can be a simple way to rapidly develop an eLearning course that is built around a series of powerful questions and activities.

Fostering life long learners with Eva Keiffenheim

Eva Keiffenheim is a learning enthusiast, entrepreneur, and writer who believes that we are all lifelong learners. She joins the show to delve into the three things that organisations can do to help their employees be more self-directed in their learning.

The link between learning design and habit design with Britt Andreatta

Britt Andreatta, an expert on leveraging brain science and evidence-based research joins the show to discuss her latest insights and strategies about how we can help transform organisations through neuroscience.

Design Thinking in Practise with Kuva Jacobs

Learning Design Strategist Kuva Jacobs joins the show to discuss how she applies design thinking to her learning design practice. It was fascinating to learn from her case studies, her process of creating learning solutions, what we can learn from constructivism, and the importance of doing your research.

Straightforward Learning Analytics with Trish Uhl

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast, Robin chats with Trish Uhl about the importance of using a variety of evidence-based approaches when considering the impact of learning.

Increasing Learners’ Motivation with Austin Welch

In this episode, Robin chats with Austin Welch about how to increase learners’ motivation. In the podcast, Austin shares how the three key ingredients of intrinsic motivation can be applied to create educational and compulsory training videos that are informative, yet entertaining and engaging for the audience

Does L&D really need to be using design thinking with Arun Pradhan

In this episode, Robin is joined by returning guest Arun Pradhan, an expert in design thinking and learning. We invited him back to further explore the ways that L&D teams can begin to use co-design tools more dynamically and effectively.

How leaders can foster a learning culture with Sumit Gupta

In this episode of the Learning While Working Podcast, Robin chats with Sumit Gupta who coaches leaders to overcome their biggest challenges and to create productive, enriching, and nourishing workplaces. Sumit shares his point of view on how leaders can foster a learning culture within workplaces and how nurturing one-on-one relationships with employees can help build trust and increase the motivation to learn.