Using smart speakers and voice interaction in learning, with Cath Ellis

Smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are changing the way we interact with computers. In this podcast, Robin talks with Cath Ellis about the potential of smart speakers in learning and some of the technology that is used for design and building voice interactions.

Transforming learning with VR, with Joe Millward from TAFE NSW Digital Lab

In this interview Robin talks with, Joe Millward from the TAFE NSW Digital Lab about the work Joe is doing using virtual reality to simulated workplaces.

Video: Data driven approches in L&D

In this online video interview Rustica Lamb from Bloom Learning Technologies interviewed Robin about data driven approaches in L&D.

Your learners need a map

An exploration on why maps are essential guides for learners and how courses and other guides can help provide the maps.

Designing learning for behavioural change, with Nick Petch

This is another interview that was recorded at iDesignX. In the interview, Robin talks with Nick Perch from IMC-AG about designing learning for behaviour change.

The future of work and the FutureWe framework with Jonathan Nalder

The way we work and the nature of the work we are doing is changing. In this interview, Robin talks with Jonathan Nalder about those changes and the FutureWe framework as a response to what needs to change in education.

Content curation: A guide to content curation for learning and development (L&D)

A comprehensive guide to content curation for learning and development. It introduces a number of key frameworks and approaches you can apply to your own content curation.

The power of storytelling in elearning, with Jason Reed

This is an interview with Jason Reed from Croomo on why storytelling is a powerful learning strategy to use in elearning.

Using digital storytelling to boost understanding and action in cultural awareness training with Nicole White and Rebecca Carter

This podcast is the start of a series that was recorded at iDesignX 2019. They are shorter than most of the other Learning While Working podcasts. There is a bit of background noise from the conference venue. The focus of this series is on learning design.

Reflections on Learning Solutions 2019 with Cheryle Walker

In this podcast Robin talks with virtual classroom expert Cheryle Walker about Learning Solutions 2019.